A small, small shop that saves money on the biggest haircut

A small shop in a small town in Africa is a bargain.

The owner, a 30-year-old man named Adjalom, is known for his small, tight-knit staff.

He has been running the African Braiding Shop in the small village of Bekasi for about a year and a half.

The shop is in the midst of a transition, with a new owner taking over this week.

The new owner is the same man who owns the barber shop in Bekasis.

Adjaloms barber, who is called Adjale, is the second owner in the village.

He is the father of four children, who live in Bali.

He also owns the local coffee shop and has recently expanded his barbering business.

The barber is still selling a lot of the barbers’ hair.

The shop has been selling his hair for about $100 a head since he began.

But the barbing fee has gone up from $100 to $400.

Adjali said the increased price is mostly because he has to pay more for the barbed wire.

“We were able to save money because the barbs are so cheap,” he said.

A small shop is a good idea, Adjalis barber said.

A barber who has only been here a year will probably make more money.

But he has already saved money because he does a lot more hair cutting.

It costs a little bit more to cut hair here in Baku, he said, adding that the barters he works with are more experienced.

The new barber has been trying to convince the locals that the shop is important.

He said the new owner wanted to change the way the shop operates and keep his business open.

But, for now, he is making ends meet by selling his own hair.

He told The Associated Press he will keep cutting his own customers’ hair and would like to expand the business to other parts of the country.

I do it because it is important, Adjamis father said.

I want to keep the shop open for the people who need the services of a barber.

The local barber also is making money by cutting the hair of customers.

He sells about $300 a head for his work.

But since the barbeque is one of the most popular parts of his job, he charges $400 for a cut.

He expects to sell about $200 a day.

Even with the increased fees, he says he can still make more than $400 a day in the bartering business.

There are many ways to save on haircuts, and Adjales barber keeps it simple.

If you want to cut your own hair, you can choose from a selection of different cuts, Adjar said.

For a barbequer, it’s usually the hair on the back, shoulders, neck and back.

But Adjar says that for men, it can be any length and that a man should cut it anywhere on the body.

At the barbbers’ counter, a small silver bowl holds about three to four barbs.

There are three types of barbers, he explained.

Barbers in the U.S. can earn about $3,000 a year by cutting customers’ haircuts.

But barbers in countries such as Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa can earn much more, especially if they can offer free haircuts and barber-training courses.

Adjali’s barber sells a few different cuts: a small straight cut, a full-length straight cut and a full length full beard.

Adjar offers haircuts at a little less than $10, but there are many people who pay for a haircut by the head, Adju’s father said, which is about $60 a head.

My clients are very happy, Adjeras father said of his barbers.

He knows that a haircut with two or three bars is a very good haircut.

When you see my barbers selling their hair to the customers, you see that I’m doing it for the right reasons.

The more I cut, the more people appreciate it.

For now, the barbells and the barbies are selling hair for around $300 each.

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