A taco truck’s humble beginnings in the capital of Washington, D.C.

A taco shop in the heart of D.

Cs. capital has been transformed into a hub for the taco craze.

The Robertos Taco Shop in Northwest Washington was built in 1989 by Taco Bell employees who wanted a place to take their families to.

But by 2010, the owners and a few other locals began selling tacos to customers from around the country and around the world.

The chain, which has grown to nearly 7,000 locations in the U.S., is one of the fastest growing chains in the country, with growth rates that have nearly tripled in the past decade.

Robertos has been expanding since it opened in 1991, but in 2010 it was looking for a new location.

It was in the process of searching for a spot for a temporary location when it came across the vacant space at the corner of 16th and Pennsylvania.

The space became home to a Taco Bell taco truck.

It had already become a popular spot for locals to get their fix of tacos, but Robertos thought it was time to get the restaurant off the ground.

“I was so excited to have this spot for myself and the community,” said Taco Bell employee Kristy Larkin.

“And I had a vision that it would be a great place to start.”

The first Taco Bell in Washington, DC opened in June of 2010.

“It was a dream come true to have it here, and I couldn’t be more proud,” said Robertos owner Robert Ramos.

“Taco Bell is a very special place to come to.

I want people to know this is not just a place where you buy tacos, this is where you can come to get your fix of food,” said owner Jose Armenteros.

TacoBell is a popular choice for the neighborhood because of its location on Pennsylvania Avenue and because of the unique tacos, which are prepared with a combination of ground beef, chicken, and carnitas.

“When you go to a restaurant, you’re eating tacos.

And it’s not just for the tacos.

You’re also eating carnitas, you’ve got shrimp, you have guacamole, you get some other ingredients and you can add your own toppings,” said Robyn Pritchard, an owner at the restaurant.

It is a unique concept in the world of Taco Bell, where the tortilla chips are prepared in a separate container and have to be topped with salsa, a combination that can be difficult to get in a restaurant.

It is a recipe that makes for an intense, flavorful meal.

“We have to take it out of our mouths to eat it,” said Ramos.

Tacos are served in two layers, but you can get a smaller version of them, a small tortilla, or a full size one, which is usually the most popular.

“A taco is really a small portion of a larger portion,” said Armentero.

“You want to eat the larger one first and then you’re ready to get back to the larger portion later on,” Ramos said.

“And the smaller ones are much better for you,” said Pritardson.

Treating the tacos in the restaurant’s kitchen is an easy way to add variety to your tacos, and it helps attract a different kind of customer.

“One of the great things about Taco Bell is that it’s a place that has so many different ways to make your taco,” said Larkin, who is the franchisee for the restaurant chain.

“You can eat tacos on the stovetop, on a grill, or even in a taco stand.

It’s so much fun to experiment with different ways of eating tacos.””

It’s really a fun time in Washington because you get to be a part of this whole food movement,” said Paul Larkin of Washington.”

If you want to make it into a place you want, you can make it here,” said his wife, Carmen.TACO BEERWORKS AT THE CORONA’S HOUSE

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