Amazon ‘sells out’ Walmart online shopping

The Amazon website for Walmart has now been taken down for its “sell out” status.

The company announced the news on Wednesday, saying it was making “a strategic decision to eliminate the Walmart store”.

The move comes a day after Walmart said it would shut down its online grocery shopping and online store, the Walmart Store.

Walmart is not alone in closing its online stores.

Amazon has also announced that it will shut down some of its online retailers in the US and UK.

But this latest announcement is the first time that Amazon is taking a definitive step to completely eliminate its online retail business in the United States.

Amazon has been one of the most profitable online retailers since launching in 2004.

Its AmazonFresh service, which offers grocery delivery, has been used by more than two million Americans to bring fresh produce and produce-related products to people in need. is the world’s second largest online retailer, behind only “

This decision is designed to provide our customers with a more efficient shopping experience, and also will make our online retail businesses more competitive, so that we can offer more great deals on the latest in home and outdoor products.” is the world’s second largest online retailer, behind only

The US online retailer sells over 500 million items a day, with more than half of that volume coming from its online store.

“We are proud to be able to continue to offer our customers our highest quality and best value.

We are also committed to continuing to work with Walmart to help customers find and shop locally.”

The online retailer has said that it plans to focus on reducing its online shopping volume.

While Amazon has faced backlash over the closure of its website, it has faced plenty of controversy in recent years.

In November, it was accused of discriminating against minorities and the LGBT community by making its prices higher than other retailers.

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