Amazon’s Prime Video, Amazon’s video service, launches today

Amazon’s Video, which has been under the guise of a video streaming service for months, now has a name and a logo.

The company announced on Tuesday that it has named the service Prime Video for a limited time only, and it is launching the service today for a few hundred dollars per month.

The service will also offer video editing and streaming from its own VideoCloud service.

Amazon’s move is a bit of a departure from its previous video offering.

The company first announced Prime Video back in November, after the launch of its own video service called Prime Video Now.

Amazon has been rolling out its own Prime Video service for a year now, but it has not yet launched an app.

The new Prime Video is designed to be a “premium” offering that customers can sign up for to get access to Prime Video’s extensive library of movies, TV shows, music, and sports.

The video service will feature a large number of channels with the company saying that it will add new channels daily, but Prime Video will not have a pay TV option.

Prime Video will be free to sign up on its own for a week, and customers will be able to watch Prime Video in both English and Spanish.

Prime Video currently supports 24-hour access, but a feature called Prime Extras will allow Prime members to access additional channels on a limited basis.

Prime Videos will be available in both US and Canadian markets, and the company says that Prime Video Extras will be added to the service as the platform matures.

Prime members will also be able choose which TV shows and movies they want to stream in their Prime Video experience.

Prime members can also watch Prime Videos on Amazon Video in other countries, but Amazon says that those services will require additional charges and that the service will not include a local antenna.

Prime video will be launched in select markets on Tuesday, with the service being available to Prime members in the US, UK, Australia, Germany, France, and Spain.

Prime subscribers will also get access for the first time to Prime Instant Video, Prime Music, Prime Video Instant, Prime Food, Prime Deals, and Prime Video Vault.

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