BMW X5 M3: How to find the perfect bike for your budget

When BMW unveiled the BMW X3 M3 in the autumn of 2012, it was the first premium model to be built in the brand’s new X series of cars.

That model, the M3, boasted a five-door size with an all-wheel drive system that was designed to reduce drag while providing a low centre of gravity.

The M3 was a first for BMW, which has always had a range of small luxury cars, including the M1 and M3 luxury cars.

“The M3 is a first in BMW’s history,” said Andrew McGlone, head of BMW M Division, at the time.

“It’s a high-performance, small-volume car that doesn’t compromise on performance.

The engine, which produces just over 750bhp, is the most powerful BMW engine ever to be made.

The result is a very sporty and agile car.”

In 2015, BMW announced that it would introduce a new model called the M5, which would be an all wheel drive, all-terrain vehicle.

The new car was named the X5, and was launched in 2017.

However, it wasn’t until the end of this year that BMW made its first major change to the M series, the introduction of the X6.

It was also the first time that BMW had made a large change to its range of luxury cars since the M4, which debuted in 2007.

“In the years since the X1 and X3, BMW has worked on the development of its luxury cars,” said Mark Reith, BMW Group’s head of premium luxury.

“These cars have grown in size, performance and quality.

The X6 will be a real step in that direction.”

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