Canada’s Beer Store to be closed after flooding

Beer store operators across Canada are preparing for a possible lockdown as the weather conditions are expected to deteriorate in the coming days.

The B.C. Beer Store has said it will close its doors to customers and employees as the mercury drops.

The National Capital Commission said Wednesday that the closure will begin at noon Wednesday.

“It will be the last of the day and the first of the evening,” said a release from the commission.

“As a result of the forecast, we are postponing the closure to the following day.”

It is the third day in a row that B.L.C.’s Beer Store is shut.

In April, the store’s doors were closed for several hours as a result a severe winter storm.

On Wednesday, the NCC said that Bylaw Officer Michael Deacon would be calling customers back into the store to help them with their shopping needs.

He said the store would be open on Thursday.

The store’s operators are also preparing for another storm this weekend.

On Wednesday evening, officials in Calgary said they are expecting the temperature to drop to about five degrees below normal on Friday and Saturday.”

We’re anticipating that it’s a bit warmer.”

On Wednesday evening, officials in Calgary said they are expecting the temperature to drop to about five degrees below normal on Friday and Saturday.

The NCC warned that businesses in the region are advised to expect disruptions to their operations due to the weather.

“While we are still assessing the weather forecast, businesses are advised not to expect any closures,” the agency said in a release.

“Restaurants, retailers and other businesses that are located within the area are encouraged to make sure their employees, customers and other employees are accounted for and that there are no unexpected travel plans.”

The weather conditions have not yet been fully assessed, but the weather agency has issued a snow warning for the region.

It is still not clear how much damage this storm could cause to the beer stores.

The Beer Store was established in 1896 and opened in the early 1900s, but closed down in 2011 after a severe weather event.

In the same year, the BC Government decided to close down the province’s three major breweries for two years after they were found to be responsible for the death of a man in his 20s.

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