‘Hang a banner’ – COO of CNC hardware store asks customers to boycott

The head of a hardware retailer has called on customers to not shop in a mall because of the “negative” impact it has had on their livelihoods.

Kirti Azar, COO at CNC Hardware said that in the past two years, the mall has seen a decline in footfall and the company is currently in talks with the local authorities to open a retail store in the area.

She also warned against the mall’s new ‘free zone’ model, where shoppers can enter at any time of the day or night, which she said is a problem for the people who are already living in the mall.

“We have seen many people who have migrated from the city, to the suburbs, have their livelihood ruined,” she said.

“The mall is creating a situation where the people in the city do not have a right to live in a city.”

While the company has seen some good results, the impact on the local economy has been negative.

“When I started working here, I didn’t know about free zones,” said Azar.

“In the city you have to pay taxes.

You can’t rent a car or pay your mortgage.”

She said the mall is being run on a voluntary basis, meaning that the company does not know who is making money from it.

“It’s a company that does not have the power to decide how it is run.”

She added that while the company was able to open an online store in February, it is facing a similar challenge in a store that opened in the US a few months ago.

“This is happening in the malls of other countries,” said she.

“We don’t know what will happen in India.

We don’t even know who runs this company.”

The CNC shop has a website where it posts advertisements for a new online store that will open in April.

Azar said she would continue to work with local authorities as well as the government to open the mall, which is currently being managed by a private company.

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