How to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to renting and buying in a rental market

Renting in a local business can be difficult if you’re not prepared to shell out the cash upfront.

In fact, many landlords will charge you a deposit and then require you to pay a fee upfront before they can rent your property.

That fee can be anywhere from £30-£75, depending on the property you’re renting.

But here are five simple tips to help you out if you find yourself in this situation.1.

Know the rules.

There’s no shortage of landlords in London who are taking advantage of the new rules that allow you to rent from out of town.

However, they don’t always follow the same rules that you should follow when renting a property.

For instance, some landlords won’t accept deposits if you’ve paid them upfront.2.

Understand what you’re getting into.

As a new tenant, it’s important to understand what you’ll be getting into before you make the jump.

If you don’t understand the property, it may be hard to work out what you can expect from the landlord.3.

Keep an eye on the cost.

If the rent you’re looking for is more than what you’d normally pay, you should probably double check the value of the property to make sure it’s a fair deal.

You’ll be glad you did if you can find the right deal.4.

Know your rights.

If a landlord charges you a fee to rent, you may not be able to block them from using your name or contact details.

If this happens, ask them to pay up and you’ll have a good chance of getting a fair rent.

If you’re unsure whether a property you’ve rented from out-of-town is suitable for your needs, or you’d like to take a look at the properties we recommend for you, let us know in the comments below.

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