How to make a ‘super hot’ vape for your next party

What is a super hot vape?

It’s the perfect combination of sweet, citrusy and creamy, and it’s the ideal vaping companion for those who want to keep things classy.

But how do you get one?

The answer is easy.

Vapes have always been known for being extremely portable, but the way you vape them has changed drastically.

From the simple to the more advanced, the best way to enjoy vaping is to understand how to make your own.

Here are some tips for making your own vape:1.

Learn how to use the different types of coils on your vape 2.

Choose the right size of e-juice 3.

Choose a proper battery type (more than just a rechargeable) 4.

Use different materials and methods of heating 5.

Get some good air circulation to help your vape burn cleaner and faster6.

Use the right heating material7.

Get the most out of the airflow, and keep it low and steady8.

Find a good, clean, and well ventilated spot for your vape 9.

Get rid of any excess air and replace it with air.10.

Check your e-liquid before you start to vape11.

Know the temperature of your e of e you are vaping12.

Use a good filter or drip tip13.

Get a decent-sized e-cigarette that can hold the vape.14.

Use one of the most popular e-liquids out there15.

Learn the differences between e-cigarettes and vape pens16.

Learn to use a proper vape-style adapter17.

Know when and where to refill a vape18.

Learn more about the different e-cig flavours19.

Be careful when you are handling the battery20.

Get your ejuice on sale!


Get it on Amazon Prime!22.

Make your own e-glasses23.

Get great quality e-colas 24.

Use disposable e-cigs!25.

Get more information about vaping from the US Department of Health and Human Services26.

Get info about making your first e-vapor and how to buy one from VaporDNA27.

Learn about the best e-scented e-gels28.

Get e-pipes, e-toys, and more from Amazon.com29.

Shop for e-bikes at local bike shops.30.

Learn what e-health services are available at your local bike shop31.

Find the best vaping products on

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