How to make your own ‘shaving’ kit for men

FourFourThree: The man who has made the biggest impression at the men’s men’s fashion show in recent times is back with a new line of shaving cream. 

 At a news conference in London on Tuesday, John Varley said he was making a range of ‘shaves’ based on the best available ingredients.

He said the shaving cream would be available from the start of April and that he hoped to see the product launched in Australia.

“We are going to be launching our new range of shaving creams, shaving lotions and shaving sticks this month and they will be available for pre-order from April,” he said.

“Our shaving soap is already available in the US, Europe and China, so we hope to bring that to Australia as well.”

John Varley’s new shaving cream line.

Source: Supplied John Varleys new range is set to be available at stores across the US and in Australia from April.

He said he had tried making shaving cream before, but was unable to make the products he wanted, as he did not have the ingredients.

“It was frustrating and disappointing,” Mr Varley told ABC Radio’s PM show.

“You need to do a lot of trial and error and to really get the right ingredients in your shop.”

“I was always a bit skeptical of things because I was used to buying stuff at the supermarket or going to a supermarket and getting it for free,” he added.

Mr Varley is not the only Australian man to try shaving cream and is hoping to be a leader in the market.

In September last year, New Zealand entrepreneur Ben Hinkley launched the world’s first online shaving cream store, which he said attracted up to 80 per cent of all the orders.

In Australia, the country’s first official ‘shave-shop’ opened in August last year.

The men’s grooming industry is booming and with that, there are more options for men.

A lot of men are choosing to wear hats or jackets over traditional robes.

Some men have even gone as far as to change the colour of their hair in order to make themselves more recognisable.

Shaving cream is a popular choice amongst men because it offers a more feminine look and is often used by women.

But not everyone wants to shave their beard.

According to the Australian Medical Association, a shave is “the only way to remove all traces of the offending substance”.

“It is important to realise that facial hair can be a very important part of the man’s appearance, so it’s important to ensure that the shave is not an obvious way to attract attention,” said the AMA’s Dr Julie Gaffney.

Dr Gaffsey said men who shave often had difficulty getting the right shave.

She said the number of men shaving in Australia was up by 10 per cent since the early 1990s, but this was due to a lack of information and advice.

Many men shave in the afternoon, before going to work, and there was often a risk of drying their beard out, she said.

Women have had a tougher time.

There are more men than women in Australia, but a recent survey found that only 12 per cent had a beard.

Source : News Corp. Despite the lack of options for women, Dr Gaffey said there was a significant amount of male grooming going on, with more men shaving during the day and men dressing up for their job interviews.

Men who wear suits or ties often have a problem with their facial hair because they have a more masculine appearance and a beard is one of the most recognizable things a man wears, she added.

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