‘I’m not going to be a hero’: A man’s reaction to being forced to pay for his own child’s hospital admission

A man was forced to repay the hospital for his son’s surgery because the father didn’t have the cash.

Key points:A man was told by hospital staff he was paying for his child’s surgery when the father refused to have the payment madeBut hospital staff say the man is entitled to recover his money and was entitled to his child Mr O’Connor said he had paid for the surgery and was “not going to go through the agony” of paying the billHe said he “just didn’t want to do it” when a nurse at the Victoria General Hospital told him he would have to pay.

“I’m just not going that way, I don’t want this to happen,” he said.

“You know, it was just a few minutes ago and I’m not gonna be a superhero for this.”

It was just so embarrassing for me to get that in the mail.

“Mr O’Neill said he was told he would be required to pay about $300 in charges, but was not told how much the hospital would have for him.”

At that point I just said, ‘OK, what’s going on here?'” he said, explaining he did not know the hospital had charges.”

The nurse was just trying to explain to me how the hospital was going to recover the money.

I was just confused, like I don�t know.

“He said the hospital staff “were very helpful” and “did a great job”.

But he said he felt the hospital treated him like “a villain”.”

I mean, I’m just a human being.

I’ve been through the whole thing, I’ve paid for all my medical bills, I paid for my son�s surgery, I�ve got my son back, I want him back,” he told ABC News Breakfast.”

They’ve treated me like a villain, they don�’t give me any respect.

“A hospital spokeswoman said they could not comment on specific cases.

Mr O”Neill said the family was “horrified” at the treatment he had received.”

We were told we had to pay an extra $400 because the hospital didn�t have the money to pay, and it was my fault for not having the money,” he wrote on Facebook.”

But they had me go to the hospital and pay for the procedure because I was too lazy to pay a hospital bill.

“And the hospital just treated me as a villain.

I just don�ts get it.”‘

The hospital treated me the same as I was treated’: O’Sullivan’s fatherThe father said he would never have thought the hospital’s treatment of his son would have been the same.

“This is just completely ludicrous,” he posted on Facebook, adding that he would “absolutely” go to court to have his money back.

“In the end, the hospital treats me like I was a villain.”

But he added that the hospital has “changed their minds” on paying for the child’s operation.

“After going through this process, the staff at Victoria General General Hospital are very nice and I’ve had no issues with them in the last few months.”

Victoria General Hospital has changed their minds about this.


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