The New York Times story that got Donald Trump fired is one of the most egregious falsehoods I’ve ever read in my life

The New Yorker, New York (NY) – June 24, 2019By now, the NYT should be able to tell you that Trump fired James Comey after he gave him a letter claiming that he was not under investigation.

It should also be able tell you he had already fired Comey for leaking classified information to the media.

And it should be clear that, while Comey has been a great and admirable leader, the Times story is a total lie.

Trump’s firing of Comey was done because he was under investigation by the FBI, not because he had anything to do with the Clinton Foundation.

The story is also a lie because, despite the NYT reporting, Comey did not say he had leaked the letter to the press, and there is no evidence he ever leaked it to anyone. 

But there are a few important things you should know about this story before you read it.

First, the FBI is investigating Trump for a number of crimes.

Trump fired Comey because he thinks the FBI may be investigating him for obstruction of justice in connection with the Russia investigation.

He fired Comey in order to intimidate him from investigating him.

The reason Comey was fired was that the FBI has been investigating Trump, and Trump is going to be indicted for obstruction.

Second, the story was written by a journalist who has never been in the FBI or the Justice Department.

This is a story that has been published in the NYT over and over again.

This writer did not work for the Times.

He was not a former Times employee.

He did not have access to information that could be shared with the NYT in order for it to be reported properly.

And, while the NYT is a news organization, this story was published without any vetting or editorial oversight.

The NYT does not publish anything that would be considered newsworthy or even fact-based, so it is not journalism.

This story was not reviewed by any journalist at the Times, and it was written before Comey was let go.

Third, the person writing the story is not a lawyer or a public official.

It is a New Yorker writer who, like most of the NYT’s reporters, does not have a legal background.

The New Yorkers reporter is a veteran journalist who wrote for the magazine and is familiar with the way that the news media works, but the NYT story was first published as a story about Comey and has been repeated as a lie over and under and over and again.

This is a very bad situation for the country.

This will lead to a flood of frivolous lawsuits and other lawsuits, which will ultimately be thrown out.

The American public has no confidence in a federal government that is unwilling to investigate, prosecute, or prosecute, especially in the wake of this latest Comey lie.

It will also lead to more and more partisan attacks on our government.

But it will also result in the American people and the news organizations that have covered the Trump presidency having to pay a very real price.

We are living in a world where the media is being used to advance an agenda that is fundamentally anti-American and, as a result, has created an environment that breeds division, hatred, and a culture of fear.

I am grateful that the American public stands with me today, and I will continue to be a champion for their interests.

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