What’s in your grocery store now?

The retail giant is opening a second branch of its African braiding and sewing shop, which has been in operation since 2007.

The shop, at 933 Northgate Road, will be in a more traditional, brick-and-mortar store format.

Its main product is cotton cloth, but the company is hoping that the new store will be able to sell more traditional items, such as jewelry, clothing and antiques.

In addition to the new shop, the company will be opening a new online store.

In an interview with ABC News, Scott Lintz, the president of American Crafts, said the new location will be an extension of the company’s business model.

He said the shop would also provide opportunities for African-Americans and other ethnic minority workers. 

“This is a small part of our business that has not been really represented in the way we see the world,” he said.

“So this is a way to add to our portfolio and create a little bit of a diversified presence in the community.

It’s a great opportunity.” 

While the company did not reveal the number of African-American customers it expects to shop at its new shop on Saturday, Lintl said it was more than double the company expected.

The company said it expected to have about 70 people working at the new site, which will be located on the second floor of a building that also serves as the headquarters of the African-Amish community.

The new store is expected to open in the fall, Littman said. 

Littman, a former head of American Design, is also working to diversify the company.

He has been named the new CEO of the new African-Asian store.

Littler said he is planning to build out the store’s collection of clothing and accessories to include designer items, shoes and accessories. 

The new store, which is being built with funds from the American Craft Show, a company that also includes African-African clothing and jewelry, is expected in late summer or early fall. 

American Crafts is one of several companies working to expand into the African American community in the United States, and the company has had a presence in Charlotte since 2003.

It recently announced plans to expand its store in Charlotte’s Historic African American Historic District. 

Scott Lintman, president of African Crafts and president of American Design, said his new store will be a way for African Americans to discover the fabric of the world and the artisans who have made it. 

This story is developing.

Check back for more.

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