When will it be available?

Posted September 24, 2018 01:19:24While the world waits for news about the price of Bitcoin, the world’s most popular online shopping website has just announced that it will be available in the UK from September 1.

The UK’s biggest shopping site, online auction site eBay, said on Monday that it was preparing to launch a service in the country.

It was a huge step for eBay, which is the world leader in online shopping, to bring the online marketplace online in the wake of the cryptocurrency boom in the US.

But it came with a caveat, as the UK’s online auction service is still only available to people over the age of 16.

The company said the service would be free to use, and will launch in April 2018. 

In an email to The Register, the company said that the site would launch with “the widest breadth of categories, including gift cards, home furnishings, toys, cosmetics, watches and jewellery”.

The move comes after a number of other major online retailers in the past few months have announced they will be offering online shopping in the United Kingdom. 

“As part of our commitment to grow and innovate, we are delighted to be launching our UK online shopping service,” said Andrew Leung, chief executive of eBay UK. 

It is not the first time eBay has tried to bring its online shopping to the UK.

Last year, the online auction platform launched its UK site and was one of the first major retailers to announce that it would be launching in the market.

The online shopping site is available on the UK version of eBay and in the U.S. as well.

The company also announced a partnership with UK-based payment provider Venmo, which allows customers to pay for goods with their mobile phones and has made the UK the second largest payment provider in the world after China.

Venmo and eBay also partnered last year on a service that allowed shoppers to pay using credit cards in their shopping carts.

The deal with Venmo has been controversial.

In January, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that Britain’s credit card market would be “the next financial Armageddon”.

“The British are becoming a big target for the Chinese,” he said at the time.

“There are already some banks who have been charging high fees on their credit card bills to lure people into using their services.

They have to stop.”

In May, Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative party also warned that Venmo was becoming an “unholy enemy” of British consumers.

A spokeswoman for Venmo told the Financial Times that the company had “never made a profit and never will”.

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