Why a tattoo shop has opened in Tel Aviv, but a tattoo store has been banned

An Israeli tattoo shop opened in the Tel Aviv neighborhood of Haifa, but it was shut down by Israeli police after a local resident objected to the shop displaying tattoos.

The shop’s owner, Tarek El-Babou, had posted a petition on Facebook against the shop’s display of a tattoo on a car parked in front of his shop, according to local media.

According to the Jerusalem Post, El-Ganon El-Tayeb, the owner of the tattoo shop, told local media that he had received a number of complaints about the shop over the years, but that he decided to open the tattoo parlor in Haifa due to its location close to Haifa Central High School.

The petition was later taken down.

El-Mouawiya, who owns the tattoo store, said the owner had requested that his shop not display tattoos.

According the Jerusalem Daily News, El Babou said the tattoo artist who has tattooed himself for more than 25 years is an artist who is proud of his work.

The Jerusalem Public Security Unit (JPSU) of the Haifa Police, which is responsible for enforcement of the Israeli Civil Code, confiscated the shop and shut it down, according the Jerusalem News.

Police confiscated the tattooing shop’s license plate on Tuesday, and the shop will be fined 500 shekels ($18), according to the JPSU.

El Babs tattoo shop also had a Facebook page that was later deleted, and its Facebook page is no longer available.

“I am a proud tattoo artist,” El Babbas Facebook page read.

“My work is not limited to tattoos, it’s a part of my personality, my personality is not only for tattoos but also for my other personalities, and it is a part that I want to keep.

It’s my job to be myself.

This is the way I am.

It is my work and I am proud of it.”

A number of tattoo shops in Israel have been shut down over the past several years due to complaints about their displays of tattoos.

Earlier this year, a tattoo artist was forced to close his tattoo shop in the city of Netanya after police found tattoo images on his vehicle, The Jerusalem Times reported.

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