Why I was wrong about the Royals to win the World Series

By Matt CavanaughThe Kansas City Royals are the best baseball team in baseball.

They’ve won the World League, the American League, and a few other titles, including the World Championship.

They also have an incredible team of players, led by Alex Gordon and Lorenzo Cain.

And the Royals are not just one of the best teams in baseball, they are the one of my favorite teams in the game.

But when the Royals finished the regular season last year in a tie for the second-worst record in baseball with an 80-82 record, I began to question their continued relevance.

Sure, the Royals were just one game behind the New York Yankees in the American league, but they still needed to win their division for the first time since the 1980 season.

That would mean they needed to do it by 10 games, a record that they had never accomplished before.

So, after the World Baseball Classic ended and the World Champion Mets came to town, I thought the Royals would lose.

But then I learned that they were actually the defending World Champion.

So I got excited.

I started the Royals season in a way I’ve never done before.

I decided to start the season at .500.

And after a slow start, the team took a big step forward to tie for first place in the AL Central.

After the World Cup, I made it clear that we would be taking this series to the World Finals.

The Royals were on a tear.

They were riding a six-game winning streak that included a three-game sweep of the Cleveland Indians in the first round of the playoffs.

And I made my decision to keep the team around for a long, long time.

The Royals were never going to be a perennial contender.

They’re a young team, but that was never a concern for me.

I knew they were going to have their ups and downs, but I also knew they’d be a very tough team to beat.

The team would need to win games to advance in the playoffs, and I knew that the Royals had the tools to do just that.

So in December, I went out and bought a jersey from the Royals.

The first thing I noticed was how the jersey was constructed.

I had my pick of jerseys for the team, which was great.

I liked the Royals design on the back, and it looked really cool.

The shirt also had a Royals logo on the chest, which made it a good way to tie in with the team’s name.

But it wasn’t the jersey I wanted to wear.

I wanted something that matched the shirt I already had.

The next thing I looked at was the jersey itself.

The jersey I chose to wear was a Royals version of the new-look jersey the Royals wore in the World Championships.

This jersey had the new look jersey’s collar, sleeves, and logo, and the Royals logo was just a dot in the middle of the back.

But I wanted a different look.

So for the last year, I’ve been playing with the new Royals jersey.

I’ve tried it on, and boy did I like it.

It fits me well.

The neckline is pretty long, and because I was wearing a Royals shirt, I can see that the jersey is slightly longer than most other jerseys.

The sleeves are also long, which is great for the sleeves.

The logo is on the bottom of the jersey, so it looks cool.

And then, as I put it on my head, I noticed the shirt’s collar.

I love the collar.

It’s not too long, it’s not overly long, the neckline fits me perfectly, and when I put on the shirt, the collar just felt right.

I’ve had it on for a few months now, and its not going anywhere.

The shirt looks great on me, but it is a little heavy.

I wear a little less than a full size, and that’s OK.

The extra weight is what keeps me from playing the game with my head down, but if I’m at home and need a break, it might not matter.

It could be a problem if you’re standing at the top of the dugout, but in a pinch, I wouldn’t mind wearing it to work or on a long flight.

But for me, it doesn’t bother me much.

So now I’m wearing a different jersey every time I go to the park.

I’m also wearing a hoodie, and my Royals shirts have been wearing out as well.

I’ll probably start wearing a jersey that doesn’t have the same logos as my Royals ones.

I’d love to see them all go, but as of now, the new jerseys are the only ones I’ll wear when I play the Royals this year.

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