Why is a motorcycle repair company being sued in India?

The legal battle over the alleged theft of the Indian motorcycle parts, which were sold for Rs 12,000 each, began with the complaint filed by the state government, which owns and operates the motorcycle repair business.

The court ruled on Friday that the company was not entitled to claim damages for the theft, which the company claims is due to “a lack of maintenance”.

The court also directed the company to pay compensation of Rs 12 lakh to the victim, who is an Indian-origin man, for the loss of his motorcycle parts.

The motorbike parts are reportedly worth about Rs 1 crore.

The company has already paid Rs 2.6 crore compensation to the man.

The case was filed against a local motorcycle dealer, a Mumbai-based firm, who claimed to be the owner of the motorcycle parts that were stolen.

The Mumbai- based dealer, R.C. Patil, said in the complaint that the police had not come to his shop to collect the stolen parts.

“The police had come to my shop on November 14, 2017 and asked for the police records on the stolen motorcycle parts which had been sent to the state police for further action,” Patil said in his complaint.

“When I refused to cooperate, the police told me that the court has directed them to file the complaint in the Mumbai court.

The police then took possession of the stolen motorcycles and used them for a purpose.”

The police filed the case in the Bombay High Court on November 22, 2017.

In his complaint, Patil also alleged that the state had not given him any notice on the theft of his parts, and he had not received a response from the police to his complaint about the theft.

“After the police complaint was filed, on December 1, 2017, the state sent a notice to me for further steps to initiate action against the dealer, but I did not get any response to my letter.

The dealer has not replied to my written letter.

On December 2, 2017 the dealer filed a reply to the complaint,” Patlil said.

“On December 4, 2017 , a police team raided the dealer’s shop and recovered two stolen motorcycles.

The owner of one of the motorcycles, who was not named in the police report, was arrested by the police,” he said.

Patlis complaint said that the motorcycles were taken by a man identified as Subhash Gupta, and the police also seized two more motorcycles from the dealer.

Gupta was identified as the owner in the Maharashtra Police report.

Patli was arrested and booked under sections of the Motor Vehicle Act.

He has also been accused of fraud and has been arrested by Mumbai Police, the Maharashtra police and the Central Bureau of Investigation.

The complaint alleges that Patlili had given away the stolen bikes to a friend in Mumbai.

According to the police, Patli and the friend used the stolen cars to take out a trip to Dubai.

“We have identified a suspect in this case.

The suspect has admitted that he is the owner and he is also the one who gave the stolen bike to the friend.

The vehicle has been registered in Mumbai and the car was used for a trip,” Patli said.

Police said they have registered a case against Patli in the High Court.

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